– “Roving Woman” is an ambiguous film and in some way, it challenges our intelligence – writes our reviewer, who watched the festival selection produced by Wim Wenders. This is one of nine medium-length and full-length feature films competing in this year’s competition

The film “Roving Woman” by Michał Chmielewski, was based on a script written by the director together with Lena Góra. It is a story about naivety and escape from reality taking place in two worlds – the real one and the internal one of the main character, Sara (Lena Góra). In the former, the woman loses at every turn. The second one is a projection of her desires and, above all, the desire to be fulfilled in the sphere of feelings.

Her rejection by those closest to her is shown in a simple way. We don’t know the reasons for behind her situation, we only see the facts. Sara herself is a difficult and naive person. She doesn’t seem to think much about the consequences, impulsively implementing her ideas, which may also be the reason for the way others treat her.

The people shown in the film are completely lonely, and what’s more, they can’t and they even claim that they don’t want to live in relationships with others.

In this reality, Sara immerses herself deeper and deeper into her imaginary world, unexpectedly finding fodder for her fantasies in the notes of an unknown man found in the car he steals at a gas station.

This is where her main escape begins and the path whose end we, as viewers, will never see or guess the end of…

In my opinion, the film is difficult because it is ambiguous. In some way, it challenges our intelligence. Not only intellectually, but also emotionally. It’s not enough to close it with the phrase: “dumb, delusional girl.”

Good luck, Sarah!

Piotr Serwicki

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