About LFF 2022

Lublin Film Festival will be held for the 15th time on 19-27 November 2021

We want to celebrate the anniversary with you in the cinema, the place where films are watched the best. This year’s edition will be full of returns, understood in different ways.

After last year’s online edition we are returning to the Center for Culture building. Selected screenings will also take place in ACKiM UMCS “Chatka Żaka”. We will be hosting guests from Poland and other European countries. There will be plenty of opportunities for meetings, discussions and entertainment.

The LFF film program will consist of 140 short and feature-length productions from 42 countries, which will be presented both in competition and thematic blocks. They will include live action, documentary, animated, and experimental films. We will be the first in Poland to show more than half of them.

My wonderful life
Shadow Country
Dear Ones
Wild Roots

Feature Film Competition

There will be seven films in the feature-length competition. The opening film will be “My wonderful life” by Łukasz Grzegorzek, awarded at the Gdynia Film Festival.

The historical drama “Shadow Country”, awarded with the 7th Czech Lion Award, is also taking part in the competition. It is the latest production of Bohdan Slama, the author of “Wild Bees” and “Ice Mother”.

We will present Grigory Kolomytsev’s debut film “Chupacabra”, shot in the picturesque landscapes of the Russian steppe.

The laureate of Golden Ant, Grzegorz Jaroszuk, returns to Lublin. His latest production “Dear Ones” will tell the story of a search for a woman who disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The film took part in this year’s competition at the Karlovy Vary Festival.

Fans of the new wave of Romanian cinema will see Andrei Cohn’s “Arrest”, awarded at the Cairo Film Festival. “Isaac”, a Lithuanian debut by Jurgis Matulevičius, which has been nominated for the European Film Award, will also take part in the competition.

Finally, the revelation of the Karlovy Vary festival – “Wild Roots” by Hajni Kis. In her debut full-length film, the director of the Golden Anteater winner tells the story of an exceptional journey of a father and daughter. The Lublin audience will have the pleasure to see this film as the first in Poland.

Short films

The short film section of Lublin Film Festival will provide an explosive mixture of emotions, styles and themes, everything that constitutes the future of cinema. We will present many debut films and new productions of filmmakers already known to the Lublin audience.

Films for children

There is also a competition for children’s films, including Hugo de Faucompret’s animation “Mum is pouring rain”, which won the Annecy Festival award.

Documentary block

This year’s documentary film competition focuses on the search for innovative forms of telling about reality. For example, Randa Maroufi in “Bab Sebta” uses reconstruction filmed from a bird’s eye view to present the specificity of Ceuta, while Shoko Hara, awarded at the Krakow Film Festival, in “Just a Guy” mixes animation techniques to help us understand the mechanism of falling in love with a serial killer.

Fokus competition

In the Focus: Emotions competition, the Krzysztof Szot Award winner Maxime Roy returns with the touching drama “Decent People”. Slovak director David Benedek will also present his new film “Liars, Tramps and Thieves”.

The rivals in Focus: Theme competition are exceptionally strong this year. Among the nominees are the Oscar-nominated “Letter Room” by Elvira Lind with a great performance by Oscar Issac and “Da Yie” by Anthony Nti from Ghana, awarded at the festival in Clermont-Ferrand.  

The Fokus: Idea competition will provide viewers with many surprises. Competition productions include Sara Hafner’s comedy “S.O.S.” about a couple of seniors who want to emigrate to another planet, and a stylish drama “The Flies” by Edgardo Pistone, awarded at the Venice Film Festival.

The Fokus: Experiment competition will be an ideal choice for the lovers of cinema looking for new forms. It includes the latest film by Krzysztof Szot Award winner Benjamin Deboosere titled “Some things are hard to say” and the fully improvised “Coiffeur” by Simon Zhou from New Zealand. 


This year’s Golden Anteater statuettes will be awarded after decision of the jury: Janis Abele, Katarzyna Borowiecka i Denis Viren.

Competitions are not all that LFF offers. The program includes screenings of thematic blocks of short films, including the author’s series “OFF World” by Andrzej Rusin, “Zoom on Migrations” by Maciej Misztal, and “Verge of Adulthood” by Marcin Kwaśniewski. You will also be able to watch the most interesting short films relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the “History in cinema/History of cinema” cycle, we will present a block of animated films based on Stanisław Lem’s literature, curated by Piotr Kardas, and three screen adaptations of the outstanding Polish writer, selected by Piotr Kotowski: “Solaris” by Andrei Tarkovsky, “His Master’s Voice” by Gyorgy Palfi and “The Congress” by Ari Folman.

Janis Abele will present his own selection of the most important Latvian films. The LFF curators, on the other hand, have prepared a set of their favorite short films selected from the 15 years of the festival.

Accompanying events

PhD Marcin Maron invites for classes devoted to the visual side of Andrzej Munk’s films, PhD Łukasz Jasina for review writing workshops and Justyna Czarnota for family film workshops.

Czytelnia Dramatu has prepared a performative reading of Stanisław Lem’s “The Futurological Congress”, and Impro Teatr Bezczelny will improvise the ending of one of the festival films.

Film buffs will be able to test their knowledge of science fiction cinema in the Pub Quiz.  

widzowie w sali kinowej

Except for "My wonderful life" movie, all screenings and festival events are free.