Playing with the distance

– Erica Kwok created an extremely universal and refreshing image – our reviewer about the short film titled “27” representing Hong Kong at the Lublin Film Festival.

The modern world loudly praises young people achieving impressive, even unbelievable success. It’s best for them to be as young as possible and with the longest list of achievements. The film “27” stands in opposition to this perception of the world.

The main character, Yumi, is almost 27 years old and works in a store selling music records, which are becoming a thing of the past in the era of streaming. The heroine feels that her life is going nowhere and wants to change it, but it doesn’t work… almost.

During a conversation with a peer, a magical sentence that awakens hope is said: We still have time. And even though nothing has changed, Yumi has gained a new life.

Erica Kwok very eloquently presents the heroine’s condition through playing with the distance. At the beginning, we watch Yumi in a small, cramped shop lit with artificial light. The outside world seems to be a distant fantasy for the heroine, but in the finale it turns out to be real with the multitude of possibilities it has to offer. Erica Kwok created an extremely universal and comforting image. It encourages you to open up to conversation and leave your familiar four walls, at least for a moment. To gain some distance and to enjoy the sun.

Aleksandra Pałka

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