– “Of Kisses and Capes” is an extremely poetic film, very sincere and honest – says our reviewer, who watched the German film directed by Elena Weiss. The short film competes at the Lublin Film Festival as a part of the Focus: Theme screening. This is a competition in which the organizers pay special attention on the content of the film and the way in which the authors talk about the problems they choose.

In most romantic films, they lack naturalness and that often takes them away from reality. Cinema no longer looks alive and real and it seems to create some separate, artificial romance that has nothing to do with reality. He lives in a separate, “ideal” world. Maybe it’s not a bad thing, after all, people like also enjoy fiction. But what’s the point if it has nothing to do with real life?

The film ” Of Kisses and Capes” tells the story of two young people who don’t fit into the standard romance line created by pop culture. However, despite everything, they try to live and love. They learn to accept themselves as they are and accept each other.

The main characters prove what life is and how it can find a way out of every situation. They discover true honesty and love. Real life.

“Of Kissses and Capes” by Elena Weiss is an incredibly poetic film, very sincere and honest. True living romance and poetry of love.

Yurii Boiko

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