But you know for sure that you will like it

The 17th edition of the Lublin Film Festival continues since Friday. As every year, the organizers have prepared for you a set of competition films and free screenings. However, our festival is not only about screenings or workshops – it is primarily about people: film enthusiasts, volunteers and, of course, the viewers.

Each participant comes to the Centre for Culture in Lublin for a different reason. For some, the festival is a great opportunity to spend time in good company and meet new people. For others, LFF is a special way to get together with friends.

– First of all, I’m here to have fun, meet new people and watch some cool movies that I haven’t seen yet. And to discover something new! – says Małgorzata Czajka, a volunteer working on the organization of the event.

After the first day of LFF, the participants expressed satisfaction with the productions they had watched. For some, the films were a real surprise.

– When I went to the screening after reading the descriptions, I thought that the first film will be the best of all. To my surprise, it was completely the opposite – says Kamil, another volunteer who not only supports the organization of the festival, but also goes to the screenings.

– It’s our first time here. We came to Poland from Belarus and we live in Warsaw. We are visiting our friend in Lublin and we went to the Lublin Film Festival together. When you go to the cinema to see a wide-release movie, you know what to expect. Here, you don’t really know what will surprise you, but you know for sure that you will like it – says one of the festival viewers, Wieczeslaw Liaszkiewicz.

– Each film was different. It’s worth changing your perspective and watching something different for yourself, adds another viewer, Anastazja Halaveika.

What do participants expect from this year’s edition of LFF? Even those who came here for the first time see a chance to discover new films and meet talented filmmakers. Those who have already been with us in previous editions are fully confident that the festival will not disappoint them this time either.

– This is my first time at Lublin Film Festival, and my friend’s second time. She talked me into it, we’ll see how it goes – comments Zuzanna Jędrzejczyk, a viewer.

– I would like it to be as exciting as last year or more. I’m sure it will be like that, because the festival is growing every year – adds Monika Guzek, another participant of the screenings.

And Monika Wardawy wants the next films she sees to surprise her. – Today, all three films were different and I liked all of them very much – she commented after Friday’s screenings at LFF.

This is just the beginning of Lublin Film Festival, see you at the Centre for Culture! LFF will continue until November 25th.

Julia Dębowska

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