The Winners of LFF 2020

On November 28, we got to know the Jury’s verdict!

The Jury composed of:
Katarzyna Borowiecka, Agnieszka Pisarek, Dawid Adamek awarded following films:

FOCUS: Children

“La Life in Versailles” by Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat, Nathaniel H’limi (France)
For referring to the best visual examples (is that Little Nicholas on that bench?), a story about grief and giving a chance. Universal and yet modern. A funny, touching and uplifting story.

The Honorary Award: “The Eleventh Step” by Maryam Kashkoolinia (Iran)
For a beautiful palette of colors and a wise story about going beyond your limits. We wish an eleventh step to everybody!

FOCUS: Animation

“At First Sight” by Sjaak Rood (Netherlands)
For a witty and brightly realized story, that maybe at first sight tells about an incident on the road, but can also be a very accurate metaphor of interpersonal relations.

FOCUS: Experiment

“Two bodies on the beach” reż. Anna Paavilainen (Finland)

For the precision in mixing genres and a clear, uncompromising and witty vision of a symbolic fight against the old order. And for an exceptionally fresh voice!


„Burqa City” by Fabrice Bracq (France)
For an exceptionally accurate and humorous approach to a difficult subject, due to a combination of slapstick comedy and social commentary in order to emphasize the absurdity of the tragicomic reality.

FOCUS: Theme

„Ant” reż. Mischa Meyer (USA)
For a successful attempt to tell a story about universal problems of the contemporary world through a specific group of characters placed between the carefree here-and-now, and the real consequences of their choices.

Honorary Award: „Parade”  by Yohann Gloaguen (France)
For the mesmerizing performance of Antoine Grenier, who carries out the emotional weight of the film on his shoulders and gives his character a truly human face.

FOCUS: Emotions

„Homesick” by Koya Kamura (France)
For the formally original and emotionally engaging story of a protagonist who tries to come to terms with loss in a world that, at first glance, does not give a second chance.

FOCUS: Feature Film
Financial Award in the amount of 4,000 PLN.

„Eastern” by Piotr Adamski (Poland)
For daring adaptation of a genre absent in the Polish cinema, an explicitly written story, two boldly taking what’s theirs heroines. A fulfilled debut.

Honorary Award: „Jelgava ’94” by Janis Abele (Latvia)
For the phenomenal, young cast where the classic story about growing up, rebellion and feelings, becomes an emotional journey into our own memories, and for tangible reflection of the atmosphere of the 90s in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc.

FOCUS: Document
Financial Award in the amount of 4,000 PLN
„Weirdy” by Paweł Dyllus (Poland) / + Grand Prix of the Short FIlms Competition
For revealing the secret of the film, for catching THOSE moments and capturing one of the most interesting creators of Polish documentaries in action. for the author’s vision based on trust and giving a voice to the unusual character that is impossible to dislike.

Honorary Award: „Foreplay” by Anne van Campenhout
For the full of warmth and sympathy portrait of growing up teenagers and underlining the importance of sex education. This film should be in the widest possible distribution in Poland.

In addition, the organizers awarded:

Sticker by Georgi Unkovski (Macedonia)
For his directorial skill and ingenuity in telling about interpersonal relations, the idea so close to the patron of this award.

Sole Mio by Maxime Roy (France)
Za konsekwentny rozwój autorskiego stylu i mistrzowskie oddanie trudnych do uchwycenia ludzkich emocji zgodnego z duchem twórczości patrona nagrody.
For the consistent development of the author’s style and masterful convey of human emotions that are difficult to grasp, in line with the work’s spirit of the patron of the award.


Maradona’s Legs, dir. Firas Khoury (Germany)

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to everyone who contributed to LFF 2020!

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