Migration is one of the leading themes in the international short films current. Sadly, it is often exploited and treated without any reflection. The “Zoom in on migrations” screening is a selection of the most interesting films about emigration in its various aspects. There is absolutely no propaganda in these productions. The curator’s idea was to create a diverse and nuanced image of emigration in different parts of the world, one that focuses on individuals and their problems and avoids stereotypes, which in turn reminds us of the human aspect of this problem instead of the political one.
screening curator: Maciej Misztal
East West, dir. Natalia Koniarz (Poland) 2020, 21’, 15+

Nazar fled the country because of the war. He tries to get used to the new reality, but this quickly verifies his life plans. The only hope to change the situation is a mysterious girl in a red scarf. Special Mention at IFF Zoom Zbliżenia.

Pashka, dir. Oltjon Lipe (Greece) 2020, 22’, 15+

A father and a son work abroad to make a living. The son misses his homeland, the father takes a pragmatic approach to staying in Greece. But the boy’s desire to return will lead to an unexpected journey. Film awarded at Tirana IFF. Polish premiere.


Don’t hesitate to come for a visit, mom, dir. Anna Artemyeva (Portugal) 2020, 13’, 12+

A mother and a 3-year-old daughter live far from each other due to the issues with their visas. Everyday they communicate through a video chat and dream of an imminent meeting. Film awarded e.g. at Visions du Réel. Polish premiere.

A Year in Exile, dir. Malaz Usta (Turkey) 2020, 19’, 15+

A year in the life of a Syrian immigrant trying to make a living in a Turkish metropolis. Polish premiere.


Dakhla: Cinema and Oblivion, dir. Arturo Dueñas Herrero (Spain) 2020, 15’, 12+

Dakhla, the Sahrawi refugee camp, was established 45 years ago in Algeria. Although not everybody remembers it, people still live there. The annual FiSahara film festival breaks the daily routine of the inhabitants. Polish premiere.

Like in Mykono, dir. Alessandro Porzio (Italy) 2020, 15’, 16+

A small town in Southern Italy is now inhabited only by elderly citizens. A visionary Mayor has an idea to defeat depopulation: a video to promote his town as a tourist destination. Polish premiere.


After the screening, we invite you to a discussion with the curator and dr Michał Bobrowski.


Nov 22 2021


18:00 - 19:45