Emigration is one of the leading themes in the international short films current. Sadly, it is often exploited and treated without any reflection. The “Zoom in on Emigration” screening is a selection of the most interesting films about emigration in its various aspects. There is absolutely no propaganda in these productions. The curator’s idea was to create a diverse and nuanced image of emigration in different parts of the world, one that focuses on individuals and their problems and avoids stereotypes, which in turn reminds us of the human aspect of this problem instead of the political one.
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Screening curator: Maciej Misztal


Harbor, dir. Paul Marques Duarte (France) 2018, 25’

Adèle, a French English teacher, is going on a trip to England with her class. During the check-in at the ferry pier, a 15-year-old immigrant from Africa tries to mix in a group of students. Unaware of the consequences of her decision, Adèle helps him get on board.

Film presented e.g. at the IFFK in Clermont-Ferrand and FF Raindance. Polish premiere.



Zheng, dir. Giacomo Sebastiani (Italy) 2020, 26’

Zheng is a young and lonely Chinese man, who has been working in Italy since he was a child. He supervises the work of others, but he doesn’t feel satisfaction. Contact with his peers is effectively hindered by his duties. An unexpected twist of events will force him to make an important decision.

Polish premiere.




Intercontinental, dir. Louis Hans-Moëvi (Switzerland) 2018, 20’

Sarjo is fired from the laundry of a luxury hotel where he worked. Before leaving this place for good, he steals the manager’s access card and enters corridors for customers for the first time.

Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.




Frontier, dir. Damián Vondrášek (Czech Republic) 2020, 29’

During a random check the commander of a Czech Customs Unit discovers a group of immigrants in a van’s cargo area. The chaotic incident is taken advantage of by an underage boy who flees into the surrounding forests. But the boy’s father refuses to cooperate with the unit’s members.



Nov 26 2020


19:30 - 21:10

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