For some part of us work is just a mere duty, some of us see a greater purpose of it and for some it’s the most important aspect of their life. In this block of films we will observe work and purpose as two complimentary ideas seen from different points of view.


Seabreaker, dir. Eloy Domínguez Serén (Spain) 2022, 27’, 15+
Santi is a teenage father who lives in a small coastal town. During the day he has a job as a fisherman, while at night he smuggles seafood. While his girlfriend Lucia takes care of their baby all by herself, Santi, absent and overwhelmed by responsibility, seeks refuge and redemption in the sea.


Every Summer, in July, dir. Andreas Scheffer (Germany) 2021, 16’, 13+
The filmmaker has already followed the Tour de France on TV as a child. Back then he asked himself how it would be like to see that world from the backstage. Years later he took up the job in the TV station and got an opportunity to find out. Polish premiere.


Flowers, dir. Kristian Xipolias (Italy) 2021, 15’, 13+
What would Antonio Ricci, the protagonist of “Bicycle Thieves”, do if he lived in Italy in 2021? Perhaps he would be like Manfredi, a forty-year-old man, unemployed and with no expectations, whose only chance is to become a rider. But to become a rider he needs a bicycle. Polish premiere.


Expiration Date, dir. Joonmin Yoo (Republic of Korea) 2020, 27’, 13+
Jisook is an employee of a local mart. One day she gave children products that were nearing their expiration date as a gift . A complaint is filed at the mart and a close colleague is on the verge of being fired. Will Jisook manage to make up for her mistake? European premiere.


Nov 19 2022


15:15 - 16:45




Main Performance Room, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12