Films by creators from Ukraine and Poland relating to the situation of contemporary Ukraine.



Kycheiev Ballad, dir. Piotr Krzysztof Kamiński (Poland) 2023, 20’, 16+
Ukraine, 2022. Russian soldiers commit war crimes such as executions, rape, torture and looting.. Dmytro, a volunteer, wants to help 10-year-old Polina and her mother leave occupied Kyczeiev. Film presented at KFF.


Plus, dir. Bohdan Romanko (Ukraine) 2022, 10’, 16+
Text messages between an Ukrainian man on the front-line and his girlfriend. As war rages all around him, she is trying everything to help him. Film presented at Cleveland IFF.



Mother, dir. Mariia Felenko (Ukraine) 2023, 8’, 16+
With the beginning of the war, Katya decided to leave her hometown and take her mother with her. But the mother is getting a manicure. Polish premiere.



Yura, dir. Vladyslav Deva (Poland) 2023, 13’, 13+
Burdened by the promises made to his loved ones, a young activist resorts to illegal means to bypass the ban on men leaving the country. Film presented at RIIFF.



The Land of Aliens, dir. Olga Chernykh (Ukraine) 2023, 19’, 13+
Mykola lives an idyllic life in the observatory he built on a hillside in the land of Akriune. As its neighbouring country, Kosmalina, redraws their borders, Mykola discovers he’s now a stranger in the land he calls home. Polish premiere.



Shreds, dir. Igor Gavva (Ukraine) 2022, 15’, 18+
2015. Kolya and Kostya flee the war in Donbas and settle in Irpin, near Kyiv. Kolya protests against the war every day, which is not of the liking of the police, nor Kostya, who wants to leave Ukraine in search of a better future. Can the brothers reach an agreement? Film presented at KFF.


Nov 24 2023


20:20 - 21:45




Main Performance Room, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12