This is the Women’s World appeared in the LFF programme for the 100th anniversary of Polish women obtaining civil rights. It was supposed to draw attention to the problems that women from all around the world have to face every day. Their situation is not getting better and there are still many films being made about it. That is why we continue to select productions that bring up women’s problems, that for some are a foreign matter, and the everyday life for the others.
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How High the Moon, dir. Lau Kok Rui (Malaysia) 2019, 19’

A single mother takes an extra job in a store to improve her financial situation. The pursuit of a bright future for her daughter causes many dilemmas.

International premiere.





Linked, dir. Bartek Bala (Poland) 2019, 22’

The director accompanies three women with a camera who meet for alcohol therapy. He illustrates their stories and emotions with dance.

Film presented e.g. at FF Opolskie Lamy.





The Procedure, dir. Mariella Santibáñez Koref (Argentina) 2019, 12’

Anita is an immigrant from Venezuela. The boss from the supermarket that she works at threatens to dismiss her if she doesn’t legalize her stay in Argentina by tomorrow. Anita goes to the immigration office and an employee dealing with her case makes her an immoral offer.

Polish premiere.




The Dress, dir. Tadeusz Łysiak (Poland) 2020, 30’

Julia suppresses her physicality, sexuality and lust, until she crosses paths with a handsome truck driver, who soon becomes the object of her fantasies.

Film presented e.g. at KFF.



Nov 26 2020


16:30 - 17:55

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