This is the Women’s World appeared in the LFF programme for the 100th anniversary of Polish women obtaining civil rights. It was supposed to draw attention to the problems that women from all around the world have to face every day. Their situation is not getting better and there are still many films being made about it. That is why we continue to select productions that bring up women’s problems, that for some are a foreign matter, and the everyday life for the others.
Shero, dir. Claudio Casale (Italy) 2020, 15’, 16+

Shabnam was attacked with acid when she was a teenager. Today she is a Shero, a women’s rights activist from India who is raising her daughter by teaching her the value of beauty and feminine strength, beyond social conventions. Film nominated to David di Donatello Award. Polish premiere.


Turning to Dust, dir. Hüseyin Aydin Gürsoy (France) 2020, 19’, 16+

Elif and her husband are deep in debt. Elif’s husband wants to return to Turkey, but she believes there’s a better future for her son in France. Special Mention at Interfilm. Polish premiere.


A Cat Is Always Female, dir. Martina Mestrovic, Tanja Vujasinovic (Croatia) 2019, 16’, 15+

A film portrait of Marija Ujevic Galetovic – one of Croatia’s most important sculptors. Film presented e.g. at DOK Leipzig.


Varya, dir. Nika Gorbushina (Russian Federation) 2021, 24’, 15+

Varya wants to become a firefighter. She must prove to everybody that she is worthy of being there. Film presented at IFF Etiuda & Anima.


Nov 25 2021


21:10 - 22:25