The title of the workshop is an obvious reference to the film “Escape from the «Liberty» cinema” dir. Wojciech Marczewski, in which the characters come to life on the screen and talk to the audience. Through the computer screens, you will hear about the most important things: happiness, love and freedom… How to show them in the cinema? How to capture them in a scenario? The meeting will be held in an open form. Polish scripts from the Film Scenarios Library at might come in handy. We will create the perfect protagonist and then a no less perfect antagonist to keep the balance. We will set the purpose they are fighting for. We’ll throw them into action and observe their deeds. And for sure, they will come into conflict. The conflict is the core of any film plot after all. Finally, we’ll decide who will win. To sum up – we’ll make our own imaginary film. The one we would like to see in the cinema. We love cinema. Let’s discover it again after the pandemic. To experience something. To explore the unknown. To feel liberty.
Workshops held online on the Zoom platform. If willing to participate, please register previously here.
Registration closes at 12:00 am November 18th, 2022.

Information required for participation in classes will be sent to the emails provided during the registration process.
Magdalena Wleklik – screenwriter for film, television and radio. She directs some of her scripts. Her films were presented both at festivals in Poland and abroad. Chairwoman of the Screenwriters’ Circle of the Polish Filmmakers Association. Co-founder of the Library of Film Screenplays. PhD at Lodz Film School.
Workshops in Polish.


Nov 19 2022


12:00 - 15:00



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