In terms of nature and culture Poland is an incredibly diverse country. This diversity may be surprising both for tourists visiting our country and for ourselves. Young filmmakers are fully aware of  it, so they are setting their stories in interesting locations in order to show these places in an unconventional way. Thanks to the cinema, we can take a unique trip around Poland, but also inspire ourselves to a real tourist adventure.
The event is co-created by the General Partner of the festival – Polish Tourism Organisation.
The Sky Was Beautiful Yesterday, dir. Jędrzej Ziembiński (Poland) 2022, 19’, 15+
Jaga and Grzesiek are going on an expedition to the Białowieża Forest. While wandering, they find moments that will stay with them forever, bringing them warmth, smiles and oneiric freedom. World premiere.


Tramway, dir. Bartosz Reetz (Poland) 2021, 22’, 16+
A tram leaves the depot in the morning. As a geography teacher in mid-thirties takes her daily commute to work, an accidental meeting in the tram awakens long dormant desires. Film presented at e.g. Baku IFF and Opolskie Lamy FF.


Limits of Control, dir. Piotr Michalak (Poland) 2021, 11’, 16+
Two strangers meet in Table mountains. The terrain is difficult and they’re far away from civilization. They’ll need to team up to survive in a harsh environment. World premiere.


The Last Whistle, dir. Karol Lindholm (Poland) 2020, 30’, 16+
A searingly hot summer. A lone caravan on a beach not far from a small town in Pomerania. Two brothers devoting their time to swimming training in the sea. This is going to be a unique holiday for the younger one. His father is preparing him to tackle a very long-distance swim. Will he succeed in overcoming his fear and fulfilling his father’s ambitions?


Universes, dir. Dorota Roś (Poland) 2021, 16’, 13+
NASA astronaut Jeff Williams has posted an image of a mosaic of rich fields seen from space in his social media. His followers discovered that the fields are located in Bychawa, a town near Lublin, where life goes on at its own pace, filled with small joys, longings, and preparations for the largest pierogi festival in the region.


Nov 21 2022


18:45 - 20:30




Main Performance Room, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12