Our relationships with mothers can take many different forms. Although based on love, they don’t have to be easy at all. For both sides…


Mothers, dir. Birutė Kapustinskaitė (Lithuania) 2021, 15’, 13+
A pregnant daughter comes to her family home for the weekend. A young woman wants to spend a good time with her mother, but the mother has a proposition for her… Polish premiere.


Les enfants de Bohème, dir. Judith Chemla (France) 2021, 22’, 13+
Idi and Rita live with their grandmother Manie. Children manage to maintain the bond they have with their special mother. Polish premiere.


This, Too, Could Happen, dir. Eilat Ben Eliyahu (Czech Republic) 2021, 27’, 15+
The director, browsing family photo albums and talking to her father, tries to trace the life of her mother, who committed suicide. She decides to stage a meeting that will never take place. A personal hybrid document combining elements of fiction and reality. Polish premiere.


A Student, dir. Lee Mi Ji (Republic of Korea) 2020, 16’, 13+
Kyung-hee is a lady in her 60s who often runs into problems because she cannot use computers. She decides to take a computer class at a community center, but the problem is that she can apply for the class only on the internet. European premiere.


Fruits and Vegetables, dir. Maciej Jankowski (Poland) 2021, 26’, 13+
Obese 12-yer-old is not only lacking self-confidence, but is also ashamed of his mother, who is in charge of a run-down grocery store. One day, in order to make her change, he rebels against his mom. Film awarded at e.g. Camera Action Festival and Solanin Film Festival.


Nov 24 2022


20:15 - 22:00




Main Performance Room, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12