What will the future look like? What’s mankind’s future? The filmmakers tried to find various answers to these questions in their first short films, such as the great visionary George Méliès in Journey to the Moon from 1902. Science fiction cinema, in a way, exposes our fears, but also allows us to get used to different visions of what is ahead. Perhaps someday we will be able to hire actors who will replace our family members on demand? Or will we become immortal by transferring our mind into an android? Or maybe one day our air will be so polluted that only the chosen ones will be able to breathe freely? We will get to know these three futuristic scenarios in the block of films Off Future.
Screening curator: Agnieszka Bąk
We finish issuing tickets 30 minutes before the screening or when there are no more left.
Films will be broadcast with Polish subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing viewers
Due to the distributor’s decision, the film “Home, sweet home” cannot be shown online.

Offbeat, dir. Myrte Ouwerkerk (Netherlands/) 2019, 20’

In an air polluted future, you cannot breathe anymore. The 20 year old drummer, Olly, wants to get inside the dome, where the air is clean and the best musicians live. In order to get in, he must take a series of ridiculous tests. Will he submit to the system or remain true to himself?

Polish premiere.




Sentience, dir. Guillaume Bierry (France) 2019, 18’

An old lady and a robot, both frustrated by their physical conditions, choose to switch their bodies.

Polish premiere.





Home Sweet Home, dir. Agata Puszcz (Poland) 2019, 21’

Ten-year-old Olaf lives in a world where hiring family members and friends is common practice. He has every intention of being cast as a friend at a birthday party for a little girl from a rich family. It quickly turns out that the cost of taking part in the illusion is a high one.


Due to the distributor’s decision, the film cannot be shown online.



Nov 28 2020


13:00 - 14:00

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