Stories of lonely and lost mothers from all over the world.
Love Has Nothing To Do With It, dir. Yotam Knispel (Israel) 2022, 15’, 16+
Dean is under house arrest at the house of his mother, Rina. The day before the court hearing, the woman confronts his son. Ophir Award nominee. Polish premiere.



Wait Two Days, dir. Jaro Minne (Romania) 2023, 16’, 16+
Gabi works in Italy. She returns to Romania to meet with his 12-year-old son. Upon arrival, she finds out that she has much less time than she expected. World premiere.




11:20 am, dir. Dimitris Nakos (Greece) 2022, 14’, 15+
Olga, a domestic worker from Albania, shows up at the apartment where she works at the right time. Or not? Polish premiere.



Jia, dir. Vee Shi (Australia) 2022, 15’, 16+
Ming, a grieving Chinese mother, arrives in Australia to embark on a road trip in memory of her late son with his friend Eric. But she soon discovers a long-hidden secret. Film presented at Flickerfest ISFF. Polish premiere.



Out of the Fog, dir. Tigrane Minassian (France) 2022, 20’, 15+
Nicea, 1978 rok. W Wigilię Bożego Narodzenia Annie odbiera telefon od córki, która wiele lat temu dołączyła do sekty. Matka ma tylko kilka minut, aby z pomocą policji dowiedzieć się, gdzie jest jej dziecko i uratować je przed zbiorowym samobójstwem. Film prezentowany na MFFK w Clermont-Ferrand.premiera.


Three Grains of Salt, dir. Ingrid Chikhaoui (France) 2022, 26’, 18+
Two sisters, aged 8 and 5, hang out alone at home, in the middle of the countryside. Elsa swallows three grains of coarse salt. Judith announces to her that she’s doomed to a death by desiccation and that she only has a few hours to live. Their mother’s return turns the destiny of their family upside down. Film awarded at Kinenova IFF.


Nov 21 2023


17:30 - 19:20




Main Performance Room, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12