What is masculinity? There are people who have simple answers for this question. But we all think that in the modern world, simple answers are hard to get. The authors of these movies think similarly.
Abadai, dir. Sivan Malca, Vladimir Dzyackevich, Orit Nahari Tzipkin (Israel) 2020, 16+

Shlomi is a gambler. He borrows money from a local gangster to solve some increasing problems. But every debt has to be repaid one day… Polish premiere.


Jeep Boys, dir. Alec Pronovost (Canada) 2020, 19’, 16+

Simon wants to take some time off to visit his girlfriend in Toronto. But his boss agrees on one condition – Simon needs to take his annoying colleague, JP, with him. Their journey is not going to be pleasant, but when they set off… it gets even worse. Polish premiere.

Closing the distance, dir. Antoine Cuevas (France) 2020, 22’, 15+

From the top of the hill, Sylvain contemplates the village at his feet. Why did he come here? What is he looking for? And why is he watching some little girl and her mother? Film presented e.g. at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.

Do You Like Poetry?, dir. Eduardo Mattos (Brazil) 2020, 16’, 15+

Roberto is one of the many inhabitants of the largest city in South America. He is starting a medical treatment to help with his anxiety. However, the results are a bit surprising… Polish premiere.


Nov 19 2021


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