Thanks to the dynamic technological development, our thinking about audiovisual forms is constantly expanding. VR is becoming more and more popular and available to the audience, as well as game developers and other artists are experimenting with its possibilities. New experiences arise combining narrative drawn from fictional cinema with the specificity of virtual reality. We keep discovering new ways to tell stories. We invite you to participate in the meeting, during which, together with experts, we will consider new narrative forms and try to look into the future of our multimedia perception. During the meeting, the assumptions of the holographic project “Break out” by the Polish company Kosmos Production will also be presented. The audience will have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the possibilities of the holographic screen. The conversation will be preceded by an introduction by UMCS prof. Radosław Bomba, co-author (together with Michał Bobrowski, PhD.) of the book “Poza ekranem kinowym. Postmedialne konteksty animacji”.
Miłosz Hermanowicz – film editor and director. Author of the “After the Apocalypse” and “Deep Dive” experiences. He works with 360 ° images and stereoscopic images. Starting from his practice, he developed the concept of native narrative for the immersive paradigm.
Marcin Grembowicz – screenwriter, including the series “Girls from Lviv” and VR experiences “Deep Dive”. Member of the Polish Screenwriters Guild.
Marcin Magiera – cinematographer specializing in 360 ° and VR films. Responsible for cinematography in the films “Kartka z Powstania” and “Victoria 1920” directed by Tomasz Dobosz and “Debutant” directed by Bartosz Kruhlik.
UMCS prof. Radosław Bomba – researcher, academic teacher, animator of digital culture. Graduate of cultural studies and sociology at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. Since 2006, he has been working at the Institute of Cultural Studies of the UMCS where, after defending his doctoral dissertation, he was an assistant professor, and from 2021 an associate professor. Interested in the visualization of knowledge, digital humanities, cultural analytics, anthropological aspects of computer games, ludology, cyberculture, digital culture, new media and their impact on socio-cultural transformations. The author of the monograph “Gry komputerowe w perspektywie antropologii codzienności”, co-author (together with Michał Bobrowski, PhD.) of the book “Poza ekranem kinowym. Postmedialne konteksty animacji ”. Member of the Polish Society for Cultural Studies, the Polish Society for Game Research and the Polish Society for Film and Media Research. Decorated with the Medal of the National Education Commission and the Bronze Cross of Merit of the President of the Republic of Poland.
Free entry.


Nov 24 2022


18:30 - 20:00




Rehearsal studio no. 3, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12