Can you prepare for the departure of a loved one? How to deal with the consequences of someone’s death? What awaits us “on the other side”? The authors of the short films selected for the screening of “Life after Death” are looking for answers to these and other questions.
The Invisible Boy, dir. James Fitzgerald (Ireland) 2020, 21’, 16+

When a young girl goes missing in a small town, a troubled fisherman is forced to confront the past that destroyed his family. Film awarded at Galway Film Fleadh. Polish premiere.


A Trip to Heaven, dir. Linh Duong (Viet Nam) 2020, 15’, 15+

A 50-year-old Tam bumps into her high school sweetheart during a tour bus to Mekong Delta. She’s hopeful for a chance of reconciliation, but does he feel the same? Film presented e.g. at Locarno IFF.


Glad to See You, dir. Vladimir Golovnev (Russian Federation) 2020, 25’, 18+

Two men meet at a young girl’s funeral. During the ceremony, it turns out that she wasn’t indifferent to them both. A series of unexpected events begins. Polish premiere.


Timo’s Winter, dir. Giulio Mastromauro (Italy) 2020, 16’, 15+

Timo, the youngest of a Greek community of funfair workers, will have to face the hardest winter together with his loved ones. David di Donatello winner. Polish premiere.


What to Do With All Those Things, dir. Santiago Becker (Argentina) 2021, 15’, 13+

David returns to his home country to handle the arrangements for his father’s funeral. He doesn’t know where to begin. The rest of the family does not seem to be particularly helpful. Based on a true story from the director’s life. Polish premiere.


Nov 22 2021


20:15 - 21:50