Focus: Theme is a competition in which we pay special attention to the content of the film and the way in which the authors talk about the problems they present in their films. Short films very quickly respond to current trends and phenomena, and often pave new paths for full-lengths. In this competition can be found many themes that trigger both local and global discussions. We hope that the films we have selected will help us understand different points of view on a complicated reality.
We finish issuing tickets 30 minutes before the screening or when there are no more left.


Community Gardens, dir. Vytautas Katkus (Lithuania) 2019, 15’

Father and son go to the community gardens. As they spend time together, they try to find common ground. Is it still possible?

Film presented at the Cannes IFF.





Paradise, dir. Pablo Guirado (France) 2019, 27’

Mario transports illegal immigrants in his refrigerated truck from Spain to France. A strike blocking the border will disrupt his trip.

Polish premiere.





Registration, dir. Michael Borodin (Russian Federation) 2019, 18’

An Uzbek immigrant leaves home to get medicine for her sick child. On the way home, the police stops her and the longest night in a woman’s life begins.

Polish premiere.





Ant, dir. Mischa Meyer (USA) 2019, 13’

During the riots in Los Angeles, four black teenagers decide to rob a comic book store. A seemingly simple plan gets more and more complicated.






Les Poux, dir. Marc Lahore (France) 2019, 13’

Five friendly volunteers try to take care of a homeless Tamil. But how do you help someone you can’t communicate with?

Polish premiere.


Nov 26 2020


18:00 - 19:30

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