Focus: Theme is a competition in which we pay special attention to the content of the film and the way in which the authors talk about the problems they present in their films. Short films very quickly respond to current trends and phenomena, and often pave new paths for full-lengths. In this competition can be found many themes that trigger both local and global discussions. We hope that the films we have selected will help us understand different points of view on a complicated reality.
Shakira, dir. Noémie Merlant (France) 2020, 25’, 18+

Shakira, a young gypsie woman, is trying to save her family from a return to the street. She meets Marius, a member of a robber gang. She wants to join them. Polish premiere.


Da Yie, dir. Anthony Nti (Ghana) 2019, 21’, 16+

A foreigner in Ghana gets an assignment from his gang to find kids for a risky job. While spending the day with Prince and Matilda, he starts to question his decision. Grand Prix of Clermont-Ferrand ISFF.


The Van, dir. Erenik Beqiri (France) 2019, 15’, 16+

The son takes part in illegal fights taking place in a van driving around the city. A few more fights and he can pay his way out of Albania. He wants to take his father with him, but does his father want it too? Film presented at Cannes IFF. Polish premiere.


The Letter Room, dir. Elvira Lind (USA) 2020, 33’, 15+

Richard is a good-natured prison officer. One day he is assigned to check the correspondence of inmates. He soon gets involved in the personal affairs of one of the inmates. Oscar nominated film.


Nov 20 2021


20:15 - 21:45