The Fokus: Idea competition includes films that surprise with their form and approach to the subject. Their authors often use well-known conventions to tell in an unusual way about problems and phenomena seemingly incompatible with a comedy or a musical. They prove that cinema doesn’t have to be just entertainment.
We finish issuing tickets 30 minutes before the screening or when there are no more left.


4 Days after Christmas, reż./dir. Peter Hoferica (Slovakia) 2019, 12’

Brother and sister meet in Bratislava for Christmas. When looking for a place to park, they talk about issues that have not been discussed throughout the year.

Polish premiere.





Shhhh, dir. Jonathan Mordechay (Israel) 2019, 13’

It was supposed to be another ordinary evening. Father just came home from

work, mother prepared dinner, but they have to be careful not to wake up the baby who just fell asleep because something bad can happen…

Polish premiere.




The Legacy, dir. Chauvat Pierre-Alexandre (France) 2019, 20’

After several years in the wild, a trapper agrees to become a sheriff in a small town. The contract with the mayor is to be concluded at the saloon. Unexpectedly, the current sheriff shows up and he doesn’t intend to give up his place.

Polish premiere.




Films from the Smo

g Years, dir. Michał Zadara, Barbara Wysocka (Poland) 2019, 16’

The director tries to convince the producer to finance a project about the threat of smog in Warsaw. On the way to implement his idea, he faces many obstacles of an institutional, emotional and practical nature.




Cone, dir. Sébastien Auger (France) 2019, 21’

Michel, a chronically depressed young man, is on his way to his native village. On the road, he finds… a cone. This new traveling

companion is going to push him to confront his fears and traumas. 

Film presented e.g. at WFF.




Weekend, dir. Ario Motevaghe (Iran) 2019, 7’

Families are having a picnic in the park. However, the true purpose of their visit is far from just blissfully spending their time…

Polish premiere.





Burqa City, dir. Fabrice Bracq (France) 2019, 20’

Souleymane and Leila just got married, for better or for worse. The better is that they love each other very much. The worse is that they live in an absurd and kafkaesque country.

Polish premiere.



Nov 27 2020


18:00 - 19:55

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