Focus: Experiment is a competition for filmmakers who are looking for new forms of storytelling, contradicted logic, break patterns and change composition rules. As a result of their experiments, unique productions arise that help us look at our world from a whole new perspective.
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The Invasion, dir. Dante Rustav (Uzbekistan) 2020, 15’

Each society has its own rhythm of life. Even the smallest interference in this routine can cause irreversible changes. Film awarded at Nancy IFF.

Polish premiere.





The Dakota Family, dir. Toni Hilgersson (Belgium) 2019, 30’

A strange deathlike creature roams around grandpa Dakota. The patriarch knows it’s time to call on the members of his tribe. A family, his family, atypical and dismantled will have to reunite. Will they arrive in time to share a last moment with their clan chief?

Polish premiere.




Maternity, dir. Nataliya Ilchuk (Ukraine) 2019, 17’

A mother is preoccupied with raising two small children, which absorbs all her time and leaves no space for herself. For an exhausted woman, sacrifice becomes an opportunity to achieve a state close to spiritual ecstasy. Film presented e.g. at San Sebastian IFF. Polish premiere.





Two Bodies on a Beach, dir. Anna Paavilainen (Finland) 2019, 20’

A half-naked woman wakes up on a beach wrapped in plastic. She decides to find out who stands behind this. She persuades an older woman to accompany her on her revenge trip. Film presented e.g. at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF.

Polish premiere.





Stay Awake, be Ready, dir. Pham Thien An (Vietnam) 2019, 14’

A quiet evening on one of the Vietnamese streets is disturbed by a motorcycle accident. The reaction of the witnesses is surprising. Or maybe, quite the opposite?

Film awarded at the Cannes IFF.


Nov 24 2020


18:00 - 19:40

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