The Focus: Emotions competition is devoted to short dramas that evoke strong emotions in the audience. Sorrow mixes with joy, excitement with powerlessness, and sometimes, it brings out some tears. This cinema from all around the world makes us realise that although our cultures often differ, we are very similar when it comes to emotions.
Liars, Tramps and Thieves, dir. David Benedek (Slovakia) 2021, 26’, 18+

Nikola has just graduated and has a clear idea about her future. After the breakup with her boyfriend, those plans start to fall apart. She gets up on her feet, takes a job in a strip club and tries to flee from dysfunctional relationships.

Parenthèse, dir. Denis Larzillière (France) 2019, 12’, 16+

Mia receives tragic news while waiting for her Uber. Shell-shocked, she gets into Tom’s car by mistake. Is that the beginning of a new relation? Polish premiere.


Little Bear, dir. Nicolas Birkenstock (France) 2020, 27’, 16+

Little Bear is a sleepwalker. She wanders through the same track every night. Her mother is trying to cure her, but Little Bear doesn’t want to. She wants to understand where does her sleep take her. Special Mention at ISFF Palm Springs. Polish premiere.

On My Way, dir. Bertrand Basset (France) 2020, 15’, 16+

Granny died. After years of marriage, Hubert is alone for the first time. Oppressed by the family, who tries to incapacitate him, he can only rely on an old bottle of good whiskey and the help of his granddaughter Léonie. Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISSF. Polish premiere.


Nov 26 2021


19:45 - 21:05