The Focus: Emotions competition is devoted to short dramas that evoke strong emotions in the audience. Sorrow mixes with joy, excitement with powerlessness, and sometimes, it brings out some tears. This cinema from all around the world makes us realise that although our cultures often differ, we are very similar when it comes to emotions.
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Due to the distributor’s decision, the film My Heart cannot be shown online.

Homesick, dir. Koya Kamura (France) 2018, 27’

Two years have passed since the Fukushima disaster. Murai systematically traverses the restricted zone in search of an important souvenir. A woman, learning about his expeditions, asks him for an unusual favor. Film awarded at the Hollyshorts festival.





My Heart, dir. Damian Kocur (Poland) 2019, 30’

Rozalia is an actress. A professional opportunity makes it essential for her to move from Warsaw to Wałbrzych. The new city means a long-term contract of employment for her in the local theatre and a new school for her son, Kazik. As they settle in, Rozalia begins to strike up a friendship with Kazik’s new teacher, Darek and prepares for a new performance. Unexpected events in Rozalia’s life become intertwined with her onstage role.

Film awarded at Opolskie Lamy FF.

Due to the distributor’s decision, the film cannot be shown online.


Mina, dir. Woogeon Park (Republic of Korea) 2018, 23’

Mina is a troubled teenager at school. One day a befriended policeman shows up in her apartment with the news that someone who has done her great harm, wants to meet her.

International premiere.




Sole Mio, dir. Maxime Roy (France) 2019, 23’

The 25-year-old Daniel manages the family business. Few years ago, his father left his mother and moved to another city. Unlike her son, the woman doesn’t know the real reason for this decision. Daniel starts to get weighted down by his father’s secret and decides to pay him a secret visit.

Polish premiere.


Nov 23 2020


18:00 - 19:50

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