The Focus: Emotions competition is devoted to short dramas that evoke strong emotions in the audience. Sorrow mixes with joy, excitement with powerlessness, and sometimes, it brings out some tears. This cinema from all around the world makes us realize that although our cultures often differ, we are very similar when it comes to emotions.


Dance, dir. Danielius Minkevičius (Lithuania) 2021, 20’, 15+
A son comes to the airport to pick up his father who returns home to Vilnius after a long business trip. The son is rushing to the party. During their drive they are having a conversation that gradually raises tension. Film presented at e.g. Energa Camerimage IFF.


Endless Heat, dir. Joaquín León (Spain) 2021, 19’, 18+
Lola is vegan, Aurelio is a hunter. Their mother just died and her body is lost in the depths of the sea. Although they no longer have anything in common they will have to create their own ritual to say goodbye to her and go on with their lives. Polish premiere.


In Seoul, dir. Seung-Yi Jung (Republic of Korea) 2020, 30’, 13+
A single mother with three daughters plans to move. She wants to sell the piano that the youngest girl plays. The child tries her best to convince the mother that the instrument is essential to her life. Polish premiere.


The Right Words, dir. Adrian Moyse Dullin (France) 2021, 15’, 15+
Kenza, 15, and her little brother Madhi, 13, regularly humiliate each other on social media. On the bus, Kenza puts her naive and romantic little brother to the test: to confess his love for Jada; a girl that Madhi loves but who does not know him. Film awarded at e.g. Palm Springs International ShortFest.


Nov 18 2022


19:30 - 21:00


8.00 PLN

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Main Performance Room, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12
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