The Focus: Emotions competition is devoted to short dramas that evoke strong emotions in the audience. Sorrow mixes with joy, excitement with powerlessness, and sometimes, it brings out some tears. This cinema from all around the world makes us realise that although our cultures often differ, we are very similar when it comes to emotions.

Dominoes, dir. Jonathan Millet (France) 2020, 18’, 16+

If one domino falls, it immediately makes the other ones fall with it. That’s how Antoine’s story begins. Polish premiere.


Decent People, dir. Maxime Roy (France) 2020, 30’, 16+

Manon, a 30-year-old singer, expects her first baby very soon. Her boyfriend, Ludo, works hard, but he’s not earning enough to support the family. The woman struggles with the bureaucratic machine for granting her a benefit. Are Manon and Ludo ready to be parents? The most recent work of Krzysztof Szot Award winner. Polish premiere.

The Opposite of Eternity, dir. Joshua Jádi (Austria) 2020, 15’, 15+

Anna’s father is dying. She wants to gather the family one last time in one room. While she seems to almost break down at this task, her mother finds one reason after another not to enter the room next to the bedside of her dying husband. Time’s running out… Film awarded at ISFF Linz.

Play for Everyone, dir. Ivan Petukhov (Russian Federation) 2020, 20’, 13+

5 members of a 3rd rate marching band go off for a gig. They are driving along a rough road in a hopelessly tattered old minibus. Not one of them suspects that this mundane trip will unexpectedly clarify the essence of their work. Film presented at Moscow IFF. Polish premiere.


Nov 19 2021


19:00 - 20:20