In this competition we are giving the voice to directors of documentary films. Each of those productions has a different theme, and they also differ in terms of their approach to the form. However, the authors are connected by their in-depth analysis and broad, nuanced look at the problems. For them, the world is not black and white, but it has all shades of grey.
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Concrete Times, dir. Lucia Kašová (Slovakia) 2018, 20’

A documentary symphony about Bratislava, where nostalgia is mixed with the uncertainty of the future related to the construction of the tallest building in the city and its social consequences.





The Bony Lady, dir. Thiago Zanato, Adriana Barbosa (Mexico) 2018, 20’

Arely Vazquez is a transgender woman and leader of the Santa Muerte (Saint Death) religious movement in Queens, New York. During her yearly celebration to the Bony Lady faces a lot of challenges to fulfill a promise she made ten years ago.

Film presented e.g. at Short Waves Festival.




Glass Negatives, dir. Jan Borowiec (Poland) 2019, 39’

Finding the title negatives portraying the local Jewish community hidden in the attic of a Lublin tenement house marks the beginning of a fascinating journey through time and space. An attempt to unravel the mystery of their origin leads to surprising discoveries.

Film presented e.g. at KFF.

After the screening we invite you to a Q&A online with the Glass Negatives director Jan Borowiec, which will be broadcast on our festival Facebook page.


Nov 25 2020


19:45 - 21:05

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