In this competition we are giving the voice to directors of documentary films. Each of those productions has a different theme, and they also differ in terms of their approach to the form. However, the authors are connected by their in-depth analysis and broad, nuanced look at the problems. For them, the world is not black and white, but it has all shades of grey.


Moody, dir. Karolina Karwan, Tomasz Ratter (Poland) 2022, 30’, 15+
An ageing mother and her adult son live alone on a small, Indonesian island. They are dependent on the whims of nature and rely only on themselves. When she faces everyday life, he, immersed in a dancing trance, moves to a completely different, spiritual dimension. Film awarded at DocAviv – Tel Aviv IDFF.


Savage, dir. Léonore Mercier (France) 2021, 21’, 13+
An immersion in the free wanderings of the wild horses of Galicia. Their survival instinct cannot protect them from being captured by humans and forced to participate in the local tradition of “shaving the animals”. Film awarded at FIPADOC IDF. Polish premiere.


The Rocking Horses, dir. Marcin Lesisz (Poland) 2022, 30’, 13+
Ewa, a woman with intellectual disability, creates dolls and tales to communicate with others and express her emotions. The animated sequences allow us to see the world through her eyes. Film awarded at KFF.



Squid Fleet, dir. Ed Ou, Will N. Miller (USA) 2023, 14’, 15+
On any given night, tens of thousands of fishermen in China’s distant-water squid fleet perform an industrial ballet thousands of miles out on the high seas. Film is based on two years of rigorous investigative journalism from the Pulitzer Prize-winning team of The Outlaw Ocean Project. Film awarded at San Diego IFF.


Everything’s Fine, Potatoes in Line, dir. Piotr Jasiński ( Czech Republic) 2022, 14’, 15+
The Czech Republic demands Poland close a coal mine “Turow” because of its harmful impact on the environment. Thousands of Poles are afraid of losing their jobs. One of them – Teresa – decides to fight with the Czechs… In the potato salad contest. Film awarded at WFF.


Nov 23 2023


17:30 - 19:20


10.00 PLN

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Main Performance Room, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12
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