Film competition suitable for children over 7. The part in it take both feature and animated productions with the proper approach to young viewers, while being great entertainment at the same time.


Sister, dir. Kasia K. Pieróg (Poland) 2022, 12’, 7+
The two Sisters travel across the Realm of Clouds, looking for the Big Tree. Their way will be full of setbacks, self-sacrifices, sadness, and yet filled with joy. Across their eventful journey, while getting closer to their destination, they will become closer to themselves as well. Film awarded at Oberhausen ISFF.


Corvine, dir. Sean McCarron (Canada) 2022, 11’, 7+
An eccentric boy has trouble fitting in at school due to his obsession with crows. Film awarded at Calgary IFF. Polish premiere.



Death of the Gods, dir. Leto Stojanovic Meade (United Kingdom) 2022, 12’, 7+
The story of a hug. A boy’s journey across a surreal world to find his fallen giant. Film awarded at London IAF.



The Ghastly Ghoul, dir. Kealan O’Rourke, Maurizio Parimbelli (United Kingdom) 2022, 28’, 7+
A little monster from another dimension is stranded in the human world on a Halloween night. One girl has to face her fears and help the monster return home. Polish premiere.


After the screening, we invite you to workshops for the whole family, led by Justyna Czarnota.
Justyna Czarnota – theater educator, trainer, curator, cultural manager. She conducts workshops for various institutions and organizations throughout Poland and designs educational and developmental materials. Her main area of interest is contemporary theater for children, adolescents and families, she is particularly interested in performances that experiment with the position of the audience and models of action that strengthen the closeness between people in the audience.
Films with Polish voice-over.
Workshops in Polish.


Nov 25 2023


11:30 - 13:00




Cinema, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12