Film competition suitable for children over 7. The part in it take both feature and animated productions with the proper approach to young viewers, while being great entertainment at the same time.


Birth, dir. Roberto Valle (Spain) 2021, 10’, 7+
Carlos gets to know his mother is pregnant. Over the next few months his whole world will be changed. When his little brother is finally born, Carlos is faced with emotions that he has never experienced before. Film nominated for Goya Award.


Astra, dir. Michał Łubiński (Poland) 2022, 15’, 7+
6-year-old Astra tries to stop her sister from participating in a dangerous mission. But when Anna needs help, the little girl will not hesitate to go into space. Film awarded at „Ale Kino!” Festival.


The Secret of Mr. Nostoc, dir. Patrice Seiler, Maxime Marion (France) 2021, 11’, 7+
Mr. Nostoc lives in an hectic city, not stressed or pressed by time. When night comes, he goes into his attic and stays there for hours working on his secret. Polish premiere.


My Grandma Matilde, dir. Miguel Anaya Borja (Mexico) 2021, 10’, 7+
Little Maria has been left for her grandmother’s care, who has the urge to teach her little trades that help her fend for herself. The relationship between them becomes very tense, until her grandmother gets to remember a secret that she has kept since childhood… Polish premiere.


Nov 19 2022


11:00 - 12:45




Cinema, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12