In the Focus: Animation competition, there are 7 films this year. The enormous freedom that animation gives the authors has been fully used to create expressive, artistic cinema. Each of the films was made in a different technique, has a different aesthetic and covers a different subject. Each of them is original and tells about significant things in an interesting way.


Impossible Figures and Other Stories I, dir. Marta Pajek (Poland) 2021, 16’, 16+
Chronologically first, but the last in terms of realization part of Marta Pajek’s triptych. After a massive explosion, there are only elderly people left in the deserted city. An elderly woman wanders tediously through empty streets. In short flashback, we get to see those, who will never return to the city. Film awarded at e.g. Animator IAFF and Animateka IAFF.


The Hangman at Home, dir. Michelle and Uri Kranot (Denmark) 2021, 14’, 16+
What does the hangman think about when he goes home at night from work? Film awarded at e.g. Krakow Film Festival.


A Guitar in the Bucket, dir. Boyoung Kim (Republic of Korea) 2021, 15’, 15+
In a world where you can pick anything from vending machines, a girl wants to be a guitarist, but will people choose otherwise for her? Film presented at e.g. Animafest Zagreb and Animocje IAFF.


One Last Wish, dir. Galia Osmo (Israel) 2021, 10’, 15+
A lonely fisherman has a magical goldfish, who granted him three wishes. He already used two wishes to help others in need. Now he is facing a grave decision: how to use the last… Based on a story by Edgar Keret. Film presented at e.g. Etiuda & Anima IFF.


The Visit, dir. Mateusz Jarmulski (Poland) 2021, 7’, 15+
African tropical forest. A dark figure escapes through the thicket. And while leaving their natural environment, they will stand before an important choice. Film presented at e.g. Krakow Film Festival and Animafest Zagreb.


Your Own Bullshit, dir. Daria Kopiec (Poland) 2020, 6’, 16+
There’s nothing better than dinner with family, even though it reminds of a looped script that repeats itself endlessly. And though, except for food, you have to swallow the words of your loved ones. Sometimes bitter. Sometimes repeated constantly for so many long years that it causes nauseas. Film awarded at e.g. Krakow Film Festival and Etiuda&Anima IFF.


Loop, dir. Pablo Polledri (Spain) 2021, 8’, 13+
In this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society… Film presented at e.g. Animator IAFF.


Nov 19 2022


19:15 - 20:35


8.00 PLN

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Main Performance Room, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12
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