In the Focus: Animation competition, there are 8 films this year. The enormous freedom that animation gives the authors has been fully used to create expressive, artistic cinema. Each of the films was made in a different technique, has a different aesthetic and covers a different subject. Each of them is original and tells about significant things in an interesting way.
Under the Skin, the Bark, dir. Franck Dion (France) 2021, 8’, 15+

Who is the prey, and who is the hunter? Is the truth in the mask, or underneath it? What if there is nothing there? A character from a movie script visits his creator who can’t find inspiration. Film presented IAFF Annecy. Polish premiere.

Life’s a Bitch, dir. Varya Yakovleva (Russian Federation) 2021, 6’, 16+

One day in the life of a man, whose home was a bench of a railway platform. Film presented e.g. at Leeds IFF.


Naked, dir. Kirill Khachaturov (Russian Federation) 2019, 15’, 18+

When a superpower comes unwanted, it can complicate one’s life. The hero, however, meets someone who will bring help. Film awarded at IAFF Annecy and Animafest Zagreb.


Airborne, dir. Andrzej Jobczyk (Poland) 2021, 8’, 15+

Engrossed in the fight, the airplane pilot loses his target which leads to tragedy. In the place of the accident, a new life is awakened and now it has to solve the mystery of its origin. Polish premiere.


Imbued Life, dir. Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson (Croatia) 2019, 12’, 15+

The woman stuffs the animals. At some point, she begins to find an undeveloped film rolls inside them… Film presented e.g. at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF.


Vadim on a Walk, dir. Sasha Svirsky (Russian Federation) 2021, 8’, 15+

Wadim is used to sitting within four walls, but he finally gets out of it. Now he has to find his way in the world and his own life. Film presented at Berlinale.


The Chimney Swift, dir. Frederic Schuld (Niemcy) 2020, 5’, 15+

19th century in Europe: a child climbs up a chimney while a bird sails down into it to build a nest. An encounter with no way back. Film presented at Chicago IFF.


Arka, dir. Natko Stipanicev (Croatia) 2020, 15’, 15+

A magnificent ocean liner sails through the seas. Glamour and luxury mixes with nonsense, and everything is heading toward a sad ending. Film presented e.g. at IAFF at Annecy. Polish premiere.


Nov 25 2021


19:40 - 21:00