No family is the same, although they all appear to be alike. Sometimes the family relationships are supportive, sometimes quite the opposite. It does not change the fact that we all have to find ourselves in them, no matter how we define the family.
The Crossword, dir. Jan Bujnowski (Poland) 2019, 15’, 13+

An old man is solving a crossword. Somehow the keywords are all related to events in his life. Can a seemingly simple puzzle be more than just a way to kill time? Special Mention of IFF Etiuda & Anima.


Round Three, dir. Shahar Shamay (Israel) 2019, 20’, 13+

Ofira just retired. She used to work as an art teacher. Freed from her daily routine, Ofira stands in front of the white canvas to paint her first painting in 40 years. Polish premiere.


The Handyman, dir. Nicholas Clifford (Australia) 2020, 15’, 15+

Alone at her country estate, Evelyn attempts to end her life but is interrupted by the arrival of Jack, a handyman who was hired to make some repairs. Despite her initial reluctance, the woman finds that she needed the handyman’s help more than she thought. Film presented at Kair IFF. Polish premiere.

Barbie & Bob, dir. Raissa Gregori (Brazil) 2020, 23’, 18+

A young couple spends the night in a motel room in the Brazilian Capital. Amid drugs, drinks, money and whims, they mimic a marriage ceremony. International premiere.


Act 100: The Changing of the Guard, dir. Anne-Sophie Bailly (France) 2020, 25’, 15+

Dorothée and a group of the yellow vests are stuck in one of the last roadblocks in France. One day, Jules, an employee of the robbed gas station, shows up at their camp and questions the legitimacy of the protesters’ demands. Can this conflict be resolved? Polish premiere.


Nov 20 2021


15:00 - 16:40