Capturing your own family on camera seems simple. In reality, it takes a lot of courage and sense to share with the audience what you have recorded without crossing the thin line of decency. When this difficult art succeeds, exceptional films are created. Such as the ones we have chosen in the block “Family about family”.
I Don’t Know Where I Am, dir. Jakub Romanowski (Poland) 2020, 22’, 15+

Anna, an 89-year-old woman, has to move in with her family due to her Alzheimer’s disease progression. Everyone is trying to adapt to the new situation.


Down to Earth, dir. Paulina Sikora (Poland) 2020, 29’, 18+

The director’s parents, Małgorzata and Mariusz, live in a small town. The man is an alcoholic. This relationship is far from perfect, but – despite the constant tensions – there is a lot of care and subtle gestures of love. Film awarded at Off Cinema IFF.

Karla and Nordahl, dir. Elisabeth Aspelin (Norway) 2019, 20’, 12+

Why does a 6-year-old Karla consider her brother as both older and younger than her? The director followed her own children and documented their everyday life, including both demanding situations and heartfelt love. Film presented e.g. IDFA.


Nov 24 2021


21:15 - 22:30