Focus: Feature Film is a competition for full-length feature movies. This year’s theme is “transformation” understood as a transition to a new stage, the process of change. The authors of the competitive films did not forecast a pandemic, but they certainly sensed that we are on the threshold of great changes. 6 films from 5 countries will take part in this competition, 4 of which we are presenting as the first festival in Poland.
The screening combined with the Benshi project. Benshi are film enthusiasts discussion meetings. If you love the cinema – join us. Seek inspiration. Inspire.
Where does the name Benshi come from? Where the cinema appeared in Japan, a special office was established – a narrator and an interpreter of the film events. And because the foreign movies were quite a of cultural puzzle for Japanese audience, they helped them understand the content, thus completing the reception of the work. This office was called Benshi.
We finish issuing tickets 30 minutes before the screening or when there are no more left.

Eastern, dir. Piotr Adamski (Poland) 2019, 78’
Poland in the near future. Behind the bars of a gated community, under the watchful eye of CCTV, a peculiar game takes place. We observe a world where weapons are legal, bullets can be bought at a petrol station, and people’s lives are ruled by frontier justice enforced by the state. Two girls become embroiled in a feud between neighbouring families. Is it possible to reject the rules that govern a culture of revenge, violence and terror?
Three awards at KFDF „Młodzi i Film”.
After the screening, there will be a discussion moderated by Krystian Drozd on the Zoom platform.


Nov 24 2020


18:30 - 19:50

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