Stories about establishing and building relationships, as well as trying to maintain them, but most importantly, about love.


Radio Silence, dir. Kerren Lumer-Klabbers (Denmark) 2021, 16’, 16+
The couple spends time in a house by the sea. The woman finds an old astronaut’s helmet there. A difficult mission begins. Film presented at Odense IFF. Polish premiere.



Expiry, dir. Zuzanna Jocek (Poland) 2023, 17’, 15+
Dorota and Marek meet on the day of their divorce to complete official formalities. Nothing goes according to plan, and the crumbling marriage must find common ground for the last time. Film presented at KFDF „Młodzi i film”.



Last Night at Paris Blues, dir. Fany de la Chica (Spain) 2022, 11’, 15+
Triana is an alcoholic and a Latino singer. During her last performance at the Paris Blues club, she faces a dilemma: should she choose her career or love? Polish premiere.



The Eyelash, dir. Theresa Valentin (Germany) 2023, 6’, 13+
Michaela is going on a date with a man with whom she’s only been texting so far. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been fully honest while creating her online dating account. Will her date notice? Polish premiere.



To Stand and Fall, dir. Paul Raatz (Germany) 2023, 15’, 15+
Eric finds it difficult to deal with his grief. However, what happens between him and his girlfriend Lydi forces him to try to understand himself. Polish premiere.



My Girl Friend, dir. Kawthar Younis (Egypt) 2022, 17’, 16+
Ali wants to spend the night with his girlfriend. The problem is that both of them live with their parents. The desperate boy shows up at her place disguised as a friend. The plan seems to be working great, but not for long… Film presented at Venice IFF. Polish premiere.


Nov 25 2023


15:30 - 16:55




Cinema, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12