Dear Ones

Focus: Feature films is a competition of full-length acting films with distinctively original style. Both young and experienced filmmakers will compete for the prize. This year, 7 films from 6 countries will take part in the competition.
The screening combined with the Benshi project. Benshi are film enthusiasts discussion meetings. If you love the cinema – join us. Seek inspiration. Inspire.
Where does the name Benshi come from? Where the cinema appeared in Japan, a special office was established – a narrator and an interpreter of the film events. And because the foreign movies were quite a of cultural puzzle for Japanese audience, they helped them understand the content, thus completing the reception of the work. This office was called Benshi.
Dear Ones, dir. Grzegorz Jaroszuk (Poland, Czech Republic) 2020, 74’, 15+

Piotr is looking for a purpose and order in his life. To find it, he turns to magic, religion, and psychology. Unexpectedly, his father calls him and asks Piotr to come to his family home immediately. Piotr arrives at the same time with his sister, Marta, whom he hardly remembers. The father called for Piotr and Marta because their Mother went missing. Family members begin to search together. Film presented e.g. at Karlovy Vary IFF.

After the screening, we invite you to a discussion.


Nov 23 2021


18:00 - 19:15