In this competition we are giving the voice to directors of documentary films. Each of those productions has a different theme, and they also differ in terms of their approach to the form. However, the authors are connected by their in-depth analysis and broad, nuanced look at the problems. For them, the world is not black and white, but it has all shades of grey.
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Iron Numbers, dir. Mateusz Lachowski (Poland) 2020, 21’

An observation of training of volunteer paramedics preparing for service during the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Symbolic image of the reality that Ukrainian citizens have to face as a result of the war in Donbas.





The Golden Buttons, dir. Alex Evstigneev (Russian Federation) 2020, 20’

In 2016, Russian President created the National Guard, whose mission is to ensure public order, and to fight terrorism and extremism. In reality, this organization is Putins’ tool of oppression. The director observes the cadets’ educational process. He captures not only the faces of the boys, but also what is happening in the background.

Film awarded at KFF and Visions du Réel.



Weirdy, dir. Pawel Dyllus (Poland) 2019, 29’

After a long break, brilliant artist and director, Bogdan Dziworski, is back to make a new film. As he works, a unique relationship builds between the director and his young cinematographer, Paweł.

Film awarded at KFDF „Młodzi i Film”.




Foreplay, dir. Anne van Campenhout (Netherlands) 2019, 15’

We see children receiving their most memorable lesson yet: sex education. Their faces are flushed with embarrassment and curiosity, but what’s going on in their minds?

Film awarded at IDFA.


Nov 27 2020


16:30 - 18:00

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