The choice

– These films are definitely worth watching. Both stories deal with making very complex decisions and approach it from different sides. They encourage the viewers to immerse deeply into their world to feel the problems they talk about – says our reviewer, who writes about two short films: “I Promise You Paradise” and “The Silent […]

Uncertain departure

– Participants of the discussion after the “Zoom in on migration” screenings identified issues related to Chinese society as the most distant from us, both culturally and geographically. It knocked me out of my thoughts, because it was the Chinese film directed by Yan Kunao that seemed closest to me – writes our reviewer after […]

Caring parents, adventurous children and the world

– Something dramatic about this film is that there are no guilty or wrong characters, everyone can be understood and supported. All we can do is watch and hope that this whole story will end with a happy ending – writes our reviewer after watching the film “Affricate”. It was the Polish premiere of a […]

Cinema without hope

– A film that will join one of my favorites which I will never be able to watch again – these are the words I heard during the discussion after the screening of “Klondike”. For me, they quite accurately describe the emotions after the screening and express the impressions eloquently – writes our reviewer. The […]

It’s nice to be part of this festival

Did they quickly come to an agreement on who to award the Golden Anteaters to? Did they have a chance for private emotions and what do they think about the level of this year’s films in the competition? These and other questions were answered in front of the festival camera by this year’s jurors: Magdalena […]

I also cried for someone else’s grandmother

My own focus research shows that most adults think animated films are only for children. – Fortunately, mine have already grown. Oh, I have no problems with it, my daughter is grown – I heard from my random respondents. And when I suggested that the animation could upset adults or make them cry, they tactfully […]

Good luck, Sarah!

– “Roving Woman” is an ambiguous film and in some way, it challenges our intelligence – writes our reviewer, who watched the festival selection produced by Wim Wenders. This is one of nine medium-length and full-length feature films competing in this year’s competition The film “Roving Woman” by Michał Chmielewski, was based on a script […]

The therapeutic power of film

– It is very important to receive a film emotionally and be aware of how it affects us. I believe that if we watch a film several times, it means that there is something important in it for us, says film therapist Monika Kopiec. A volunteer from the LFF Media Group was on Psychegraphico. This […]

Fear, revenge and despair

– The author uses contrast very well – for most of the story we observe three related, although very different personalities. However, what catches our attention the most is the main character, Nora. Although Nora is silent most of the time – writes our reviewer, who went to see the film by the French director. […]

How the boys grow up

– I really liked how the author of “Mate” shows the process of a teenager’s perception of what kind of character he should become – writes our reviewer, who watched the film by the Australian creator. “Mate” was shown at LFF during the screening devoted to short dramas that evoke strong emotions in the viewers. […]