Decision of the Festival on the boycott of films produced in the Russian Federation

To whom it may concern,

Lublin Film Festival is based on the belief that art is a space for dialogue. We have always been committed to openness and have given a voice to artists whose work seeks to better comprehend other people. At the moment, however, we will not remain neutral.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a bestial and disgraceful act of aggression which we strongly condemn. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, who are now fighting for their lives. We therefore unanimously decided not to admit films produced in the Russian Federation and co-produced by Russian producers to this year’s selection. We will not be presenting the aforementioned productions in any section of the festival. Productions submitted in this year’s call until now will be automatically disqualified. Any film produced or co-produced with Russian producers submitted after 9.03.2022 will also be automatically disqualified.

We want to emphasize that we keep in mind those Russians who find the courage to oppose Putin’s regime. We know that there are many of them in the cultural milieu, including independent filmmakers. Our action is not aimed at you. We trust that you will understand us.

We have decided to cancel the obligation to pay a fee for submitting a film for selection during the paid period until the end of the call for entries for all films of Ukrainian production. To receive your free waiver, please email to

We would like to inform that we have made the proper changes to our Terms and Regulations. The consolidated text of the Terms and Regulations has been published on our website.

We wish Ukraine and Ukrainians, especially the Ukrainian film community, perseverance and courage. It is YOU today, who represent the universal values we all share.

Lublin Film Festival team

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