When the world slows down – “Slow”, dir. Giovanni Boscolo, Danielle Nozzi

Slow is a directorial debut of excellent screenwriters – Giovanni Boscolo and Danielle Nozzi. They previously worked together on Altrove and Back to Life from 2015. After watching Slow, it is fair to say that both screenwriters know their job.


The very first scenes got me curious immediately. I was expecting some kind of thriller film. However, after a while I realized I was wrong. The change in the way of presenting the plot turned out successfully. This is one of the most entertaining films of this length I have ever seen. Slow will stick in my mind for a good while and just the thought of certain scenes makes a smile appear on my face, the same smile that comes with good memories. As for a short-length film, the humoristic manner in which a contemporary attitude towards the elderly is presented also appears to be an interesting and accurate choice. The shots were enriched by perfectly matched music that added even more humour to the film. I need to mention that the person who came up with the idea of parody of scenes inspired by action movies from 2000 deserves a special award.

However, behind the comicality, there is a different, deeper and more painful meaning. The point of the film, as well as the plot is thought-provoking, especially at this particular time. I truly believe it is a film worth paying attention to.


Kuba Szpyra

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