Welcome to Festival Journal!

Ten years ago, Maciej Misztal came up with the idea of launching a festival blog. It was supposed to be an extensive version of the popularly printed festival magazines that contained reviews and interviews with artists. The blog meant faster publication, it wasn’t limited by the volume of pages and was available for everyone, not only for the Lublin audience. It also provided access to the archives of articles at any time.

A lot has changed in ten years, and so has the festival. This year LFF will be held online for the first time. This is a great challenge and an opportunity to introduce plenty of changes. One of them is the launch of the Festival Journal, which replaces the blog. We have moved to the new website of the festival, where you will also find video materials prepared by LFF TV. Led by Agnieszka Bąk, we will bite into films, analyze their plots and forms, and think about what they tell us about the world. We hope that reading our texts will broaden your experience of participating in the festival and become a source of inspiration for some lengthy conversations about cinema.

The Festival Journal team

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