LFF All Year Round – War vol. 1

Lublin Film Festival All Year Round! „War” vol. 1

23.09, 6 PM,

admission free, free tickets at the Centre for Culture in Lublin box office and at evenea.pl

Lublin Film Festival is an international celebration of cinema and an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest films of emerging stars of world cinematography. LFF All Year Round screenings are replay of festival’s hits which revolve around the same subject matter or are similar in form. In March we will show films from the past editions of the festival. All the films are subtitled in Polish and English.

The End of War, dir. Sergey Ramz (Russian Federation) 2019, 25’

While returning from war, the captain of the Soviet army falls into an abandoned well. He’s found by a former prisoner suffering from tuberculosis, who instead of helping, tries to murder him. Will anyone get out of this conflict alive?

Straw Widow, dir. Nadav Porat-Chomsky, (Israel) 2014, 14’

A group of Israeli soldiers launch an operation to capture an Arabian activist.

The Shrapnel (animation), dir. Dmitry Ivanov (Russian Federation) 2016, 4’

The film is about a soldier, who was wounded at war and returned home, where his mother was waiting him. Film presented at IAFF Animator.

The Transfer, rdir. Michael Grudsky (Germany) 2017, 22’

Erez and two other soldiers have been ordered to transfer a prisoner to Megiddo prison. Along the way, a conflict arises that forces the young officer to surpass himself in order to solve the situation. Best Short Movie of 2017 Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival.

Total time 66’

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