LFF All Year Round – Attention! Adulthood

16th October 2019, admission free

Cinema, Centre for Culture in Lublin

Lublin Film Festival is an international celebration of cinema and an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest films of emerging stars of world cinematography. LFF All Year Round screenings are replay of festival’s hits which revolve around the same subject matter or are similar in form. Proposed films will be only a small sample of the LFF 2018 program, they introduce important topics that should not be overlooked, on the contrary, they should become a pretext for discussion.

We invite you to the 13th edition of Lublin Film Festival on 22-30 November 2019.

Little Hands, dir. Rémi Allier (France) 2017, 15’
Leo is the son of the director of an industrial plant. When employees find out that management is about to close the factory, a radical worker abducts Leo to have leverage in negotiations. Film awarded at Brussels SFF.

Tsar Bomba, dir. Oskar Rosetti (Switzerland) 2018, 14’
Irina, a hard-working single mum, lives with her only son Ivan, 19, and tries to keep educating him despite him being a young adult already. One day, she sees a video showing a gang rape, and finds out her son is involved in it.

Pola, dir. Edyta Rembała (Poland) 2017, 20’
11-year-old Pola, cannot accept her mother’s decision to leave home for work abroad. When the woman leaves, Pola decides to run away. She takes her sick, younger sister with her. Film presented at PFF in Gdynia.

Aquathlon, dir. Alexey Shabarov (Russian Federation) 2017, 16’
Mother sings up her son for an unusual swimming training. After the first class, the teenager decides to defy his overbearing coach. Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand SFF.

Cubs, dir. Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir (Iceland) 2016, 19’
A single father throws a slumber party for his daughter’s friends. It quickly turns out to be more of a challenge than he thought. Film awarded at Reykjavik IFF.

Schoolyard Blues, reż./dir. Maria Eriksson-Hecht (Sweden) 2017, 17’
It’s John’s first day at school. Unexpectedly his 11-year-old big brother Mika shows up to escort him to assembly and teach John the hard facts of the school world. Film awarded at Nashville Film Festival. Krzysztof Szot Award at the LFF 2018.

Total time: 100 min.

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