LFF All Year Round – This is love

23rd May 2019, admission free

Cinema, Centre for Culture in Lublin

Lublin Film Festival is an international celebration of cinema and an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest films of emerging stars of world cinematography.
LFF All Year Round screenings are replay of festival’s hits which revolve around the same subject matter or are similar in form. The films included in this screening come from the LFF 2018 program.
If you did not manage to be at the festival or would like to recall selected films you will have a great opportunity in the following months. But remember that all the films you can watch only at LFF.


Nothing New Under the Sun, dir. Damian Kocur (Poland) 2017, 25’

Michal lives in the country and works at a cattle farm. Every day in his life is the same. Every day except for the day when a girl that he met on the Internet is supposed to come to see him. Silver Hobby-Horse award at Krakow Film Festival.

Joy, dir. Vladimir Munkuev (Russian Federation) 2018, 23’

For an ordinary guy like Yaku Kolya life seems simple, until he meets Svetka. Because of her he wants to become better, but his efforts bring unexpected results. Film presented at Moscow IFF.

Bond, dir. Bernadette Mayer (Hungary) 2017, 19’

Anna is an average 16-year-old girl who doesn’t seem to get along with her mother. She is impatient, distant and in love. But one day something changes.

Cavello, dir. Sven Bresser (Netherlands) 2016, 23’

Kai and Thomas, two 12-year-old friends, are inseparable. Their bond is strong, until a new girl steps into their classroom and catches Thomas’ eye. Film nominated to Tuschinski Award.

Total time 92’

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