It is said that violence is a last resort, but we encounter it far too often and in various forms. The characters in these films got tangled up in a spiral of violence, not necessarily of their own free will. Will they manage to break out of it?
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Incognito, dir. Maxim Rozhkov (Russian Federation) 2019, 15’

A young athlete who has had an accident raises money for a new prosthetic leg by attacking people with an air pistol in hand. Being a criminal is a real challenge for him.

Film nominated in Russia for The Golden Eagle National Movie Award. Polish premiere.




We’ll Always Remind You, dir. Omer Melamed (Israel) 2019, 17’

Determined to rebuild a close relationship with his adored older brother, A sensitive young boy is drawn into the violent-hypermasculine world of the Ultra-Boys.

European premiere.





We Are Meant, dir. Igor Marchenko (Russian Federation) 2020, 23’

Struggling with autism, Oleg sees his work as a watchmaker as a form of therapy. An orderly life helps him keep the balance. His neighbour, Katja, is the complete opposite of order and balance. She becomes interested in him and that means trouble for both of them.

Polish premiere.




The Hunter, dir. Jero Yun (Republic of Korea) 2019, 15’

Chin-ho is a South-Korean xenophobe, who earns his living in an unusual way. The growing pressure of the market forces him to intensify his activities. It’s easy to make a mistake when you are overworking…

Polish premiere.




Nov 28 2020


20:00 - 21:10

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