It’s not that easy to understand what adulthood is all about. Especially when you look at it through the eyes of a child…
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Lychen 92, dir. Constanze Klaue (Germany) 2020, 30’

It’s 1992, the GDR no longer exists. Like every year, 12-year-old Moritz spends his summer holidays with family at the camping. His parents are not doing very well in the new reality. It’s going to be an unforgettable summer.

Film awarded a Max Ophüls Preis. Polish premiere.




Apnoia, dir. Simon Laisney (France) 2019, 24’

Cutting himself off from the world, his friends and especially his father, Thomas, a 12-year-old boy, becomes increasingly obsessed with diving in the local swimming pool.

Polish premiere.




The Bird Room, dir. Noemi d’Ursel (Belgium) 2019, 27’

Mourning of a beloved man opens a window on a woman’s fantasies. In the castle she has always lived, she wanders between memory and dream.

Polish premiere. 





Maradona’s Legs, dir. Firas Khoury (Germany) 2019, 23’

During the 1990 World Cup, two young Palestinian boys are looking for “Maradona’s legs”; the last missing sticker that they need in order to complete their World Cup album. The stakes are high – they can win free Atari as a reward.

Film presented at the Palm Springs IFF.





Nov 28 2020


14:15 - 16:25

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