A compilation of films that are great examples of the specificity of short films.


Inkless, dir. Laura Lambert, Hélène Manescau (France) 2022, 13’, 13+
Doctor Lanscot gives laser tattoo removal treatments. In her medical office, stories buried under the skin resurface before gradually fading away. But the skin remembers, and so does the doctor… Film presented at Thessaloniki IFF. Polish premiere.


Killing Ourselves, dir. Maya Yadlin (Israel) 2022, 15’, 13+
Maya takes her parents and sister to the desert in order to film them for an additional scene in her film. But the day of filming turns into a never-ending family argument. Will they be able to become a team? Film awarded at Jerusalem FF. Polish premiere.


Stopover, dir. Mariusz Biernacki (Poland) 2022, 21’, 15+
Robert is a resident of a homeless shelter. He spends most winter evenings helping people living on the streets. Every stopover is an excuse for a meeting. Every winter, the “New Orchards” homeless shelter is the stopover.



Ben, dir. Miki Durán (Spain) 2023, 11’, 15+
Ben has been training all year for the most important competition of his life. Polish premiere.


Nov 19 2023


16:10 - 17:10




Main Performance Room, Centre for Culture in Lublin
Peowiaków 12